Health Care


Increase connectivity and accessibility to essential community destinations to increase active transportation and other physical activity.


  • Encourage adoption of “complete street” and “livable community” policies at the national, state, county and local levels to guide the planning, design, and development of activity-friendly communities and transportation systems that safely accommodate all users.
  • Expand “Safe Routes” initiatives at national, state, county and local levels to enable safe walking and biking routes to a variety of destinations, especially to schools.
  • Support federal and state education, transportation, and health agencies in the development of school siting policies that locate schools for maximum active transportation and other physical activity utilization.
  • Enhance traffic safety in areas where persons are or could be more physically active (e.g., schools, parks, recreation areas).
  • Improve access to public transportation.
  • Identify standards and methods (e.g., CPTED – “Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design”) to enhance personal safety and increase physical activity.

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