Community Recreation, Fitness and Parks

Community recreation and park organizations, the fitness industry and private business should advocate for increased and sustainable funding and resources to create new, or enhance existing, physical activity facilities and services in areas of high need. (RFP-4)


  • Develop partnerships to increase and protect dedicated funding for community recreation, fitness, and park facilities and services, especially in areas of high need. (RFP-4.1)
  • Identify and pursue creative and alternative sources of funding for community sites and places for physical activity from local business, community foundations, and partnerships. (RFP-4.2)
  • Advocate for tax incentives to promote the development and use of community-based facilities and spaces for physical activity programs. (RFP-4.3)
  • Promote federal and state mechanisms (e.g., grant matching programs, easements) to leverage local dollars and other resources to build capacity for physical activity in communities with low capacity, but high need. (RFP-4.4)
  • Promote policies and strategies that specifically support funding for community trails, multi-use recreation and fitness facilities, playgrounds, and public access to waterways. (RFP-4.5)
  • Advocate for the establishment of Interagency Council on Outdoor Recreation in each state to develop policies and partnerships between federal, state, and local land management agencies and encourage partnerships that promote physical activity. (RFP-4.6)

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