Strategy 5
Colleges and universities should provide students and employees with opportunities and incentives to adopt and maintain physically active lifestyles. (ED-5)


  • Provide physical activity opportunities through courses that contribute to graduation requirements for undergraduate students. (ED-5.1)
  • Offer a broad spectrum of health-enhancing physical activity courses that are available on both academic credit and non-credit bases.  (ED-5.2)
  • Establish and maintain campus recreational resources, including facilities and programs, that provide and promote physical activity for all students and employees. (ED-5.3)
  • Include a focus on enhancing student and employee physical activity in campus long-term strategic plans.  (ED-5.4)
  • Design walkable campuses that promote safe and accessible active transportation options for students. (ED-5.5)
  • Coordinate with human resources officers in managing and incentivizing physical activity programs for employees. (ED-5.6)

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