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Businesses should provide employees opportunities and incentives to adopt and maintain a physically active lifestyle. (BI-1)


Adopt policies that support implementation of evidence-based programs and initiatives to promote physical activity in the workplace setting (e.g., CDC Healthy Worksite Initiative). (BI-1.1)

Create or enhance access to places for employees to engage in physical activity before, during, and after work hours; combine with informational outreach activities. (BI-1.2)

Design safe and walkable worksite campuses that encourage employees to incorporate physical activity into their daily routines. (BI-1.3)

Promote physical activity across multiple environments within the worksite setting, including the physical, psychosocial and cultural, and socio-economic environments. (BI-1.4)

Conduct periodic worksite-based health screenings that measure physical activity and fitness levels of workers. Include measures of fitness components that are relevant to the job types of the workers. (BI-1.5)

Objective: By 2020, establish guidance documents, best practices, and norm tables related to onsite screenings for physical activity and physical fitness. (BI-1.5.1)

Provide resources necessary to support physical activity behavior adoption and maintenance among employees, including access to relevant expertise, evidence-based behavioral change programs, and well-qualified fitness and behavior change professionals. (BI-6)


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