About the Plan

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The Plan is comprised of Overarching Priorities and Strategies and Tactics for each of nine societal sectors.

Overarching Priorities – A set of initiatives that the National Physical Activity Plan Alliance views as critical to moving the physical activity and public health field forward and accomplishing the overall goal of increasing physical activity in the U.S. population. These priorities are relevant to all components of the Plan.

Strategies, Tactics, and Objectives for Nine Societal Sectors – Strategies, Tactics, and Objectives for the Societal Sectors – Specific evidence-informed approaches designed to promote physical activity through actions taken in each of nine societal sectors. Strategies are broad approaches, to be achieved through implementation of specific tactics. Objectives are associated with tactics and identify measureable outcomes that should be attained within a specified time period. The National Physical Activity Plan is comprised of recommendations that are organized in nine societal sectors::

Each sector presents strategies aimed at promoting physical activity. Each strategy also outlines specific tactics that communities, organizations and agencies, and individuals can use to address the strategy. Recognizing that some strategies encompass multiple sectors, the Plan also has several overarching priorities.